I am so excited that we can formally begin. We've had a little time to warm-up but at long last our moment has arrived! We are a cohort!

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Thank you so much for your wonderful responses to the survey. Your thoughts, questions, ideas have been key in helping me plan the best ways to approach what I like to call our "laundry basket" of a topic: Digital Identity. I call it a laundry basket for a few reasons:

  • It's a container,
  • filled with a lot of different things, mixed together in a pile.
  • You can sort and categorize different things to better see and deal with what's there.
  • Folks have different approaches to handling the contents and the container.

Although I would never try to sell anyone on this course by telling them "we're gonna do some laundry," I do want to prepare all of us for a series of investigations that may well include the mundane, the surprising, the revealing, and the potentially stinky. At the same time, we'll want to keep our eyes peeled for pieces we might be missing.

I've created this introductory "story book" to share an overview of the course, a few pointers about what to expect and ideas for what the conclusion may look like. I used an app called "Book Creator" which is geared to the PK-8 segment of education. Throughout the course I will be using a few tech tools from my end of the education spectrum to hopefully also stimulate and animate our conversations about (tech) tools and pedagogy. Keep your eyes peeled!

One more thing! In the book I mention structured dialogues as a unique opportunity for you to connect with each other in meaningful conversation that can, at times, lead to unusual insights. In order to help you find each other, I've created a sign-up sheet where you can leave your name indicate how you can be reached. To facilitate this match up I will create a table with groups according to time zones, which may make it easier for you to narrow down your choices. I'm really not sure how this part is going to fly, so I'm counting on your organizational ingenuity!

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